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We are creating new experiences this year with these amazing new menus filled with our delicious Grand Scottish Fare!  Balmoral is now serving Scottish Breakfast every Sunday, from 11am to 2pm!

The Fare

The Fare

Hadrian’s Wall duck breast. Auld Lang Syne mushroom ribeye. Campsie Glen chicken. Chilled shrimp and watermelon with goat’s cheese under a honey drizzle. Deviled eggs with avocado and jalepeno. Highlander’s cock-a-leekie soup. Great Granny’s braised rabbit pie. Gleneagle’s rack of venison. Perthshire’s pleasant peasant’s pheasant. And oh, so much more. Come taste for yourself!

The Bevvy

The Bevvy

Scotch whisky imported from the mainland. Fine rum, brandy and liqueur.  Beer brewed with heather, myrtle and other bittering herbs, in keeping with ancient Scottish tradition. A superb and extensive list of wines, sourced from the four corners of the globe. One shall not go parched at Balmoral.

The Scene

The Scene

Lush, dark Scottish wood tones greet you upon entering Balmoral Restaurant. A deep-set coffered ceiling hides recessed lighting, designed to light your table elegantly and exclusively, providing just the right mood. Scottish designs surround you, from the tartan carpet, to wrought iron fixtures, to the swords and shields of lore, to wall murals that evoke the placid Scottish countryside.  At Balmoral – on the western edge of St. Charles, Illinois – we bring the incomparable splendor of Scotland to you.

Balmoral Owner’s Club (Child)

Owners CLub

Do you enjoy and cherish all things Scottish? Then this is your chance to say you are an owner of the only truly Scottish restaurant in America.  Balmoral Restaurant.  This is your way of saying you own a restaurant without the hassle of running it!



The Accolades


Readers’ Choice Awards:
*Best New Restaurant
*Best Appetizers
*Best Martini
*Best Romantic Restaurant
*Best Chef
*Best Bartender

Best of the Fox Awards:
*The Best NEW Restaurant
*The Best Restaurant
*The Best Business Lunch
*The Best Cocktail
*The Best Martini
*One of the Best Breakfast

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