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Tasting Menu

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Tasting Menus
Available Monday – Thursday
These menus are perfect special occasions.
Price per person depends on the courses selected. Each dish is priced that you build the menu to your budget.
You choose from 6 to 20 courses—remember this is a lot of food, so be hungry. Order wine and drinks from your server.
Reservations only, Minimum 2 people—Maximum 20 people

This is a white glove service. Beverages are served on our special gold-plated crystal glasses. Dine on Royal Albert fine china and gold-plated tableware. This is how our royalty in Scotland dine daily—small portions taking 3 to 5 hours to finish, having great conversations about the day’s events and the food they are tasting. Enjoy! This is fine dining in the suburbs at the highest level. Enjoy our complimentary homemade breads baked fresh every day and our house flavored butter.